SARTECH II Testing Spring 2015

SarTech II Spring Testing 2015

NASAR Instructor Micheal S. Teaching Map & Compass NASAR Instructor Derrick V. Reviews With The Class

NASAR Evaluator Laurie V. With Marty Mike S. Reviews Topo Map Reading With Marty, Micheal & Leigh Ann

K9SARK Team members test for their NASAR SARTECH III and II certifications during
the spring of 2015. This is a national certification with only a handfull of search
teams in the state obtaining the title. The certification requires a written test of 
general SAR skills along with hands on testing for map & compass, rescue rope skills
and man tracking. A pack check follows the written test. A searcher must have and
carry all the equipment  listed by NASAR in a 24-hour ready pack. 

Marty, Jackie & Micheal S. Set Up Compass Course Leigh Ann, Micheal B. and Ashley G. Help Set Up Compass Course

  The NASAR SARTECH II certification is awarded only after successful completion of
	a written test and a skills test conducted over 3 days. Team members must carry
	a 35-40 lb pack with their rescue gear inside while navigating a compass course.
	They must learn to read a topo map and conduct line searches along with
	mantracking skills. Only after completing all sections successfully are
	they new SARTECH II's ! 

Our New SARTECH II's Marty, Jackie & Leigh Ann Laurie V. Checks the 24 Hour Ready Packs

Jackie on the Compass Course Marty Walking To His Next Compass Point

K9 SARTECH II Rookie Hangs Out With The Team Newest K9, Vortex With Handler Micheal B.

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