K9SARK At Ruth Clark Elementary May 24th, 2010 !

Ruth Clark 2010 Ruth Clark 2010
Don Begins His Presentation On Search & Rescue Don Is The K9SARK Public Information Officer

Laurie, Mike & K9 Tala, Brenda & K9 Lincoln, Don, Ashley & K9 Ranger, Edie & K9 Maddie, And Quinton & K9 Lilly Give a Presentation At Ruth Clark Elementary School May 24th, 2010. Don Gamble, our Public Information Officer explains to the group of kids how search and rescue dogs work. Don explained Scent Theory and how the dogs use the scent of human odor to find people they are looking for along with the difference between a search for an article and a search for a person. He tells the group how long it takes to train a search dog and the training the handler has to undergo as well. Don explained all the equipment and what it is used for. Ranger, Tala, & Lincoln did a article search inside. Next we took the group outside to show the dogs in action! Lilly and Maddie did another article search and Tala did a search for several of the kids ! Everybody had a great time !

ruth-clark 2010 ruth-clark 2010
Don Explains What Search & Rescue Dogs Do Don With A Display Of Some Of Our Equipment

ruth-clark 2010 ruth-clark 2010
Brenda, Edie, Quinton, Ashley & Mike (in back) Don Is A Full Time Teacher And Relates Well To The Kids

ruth-clark 2010 ruth-clark 2010
Tala On The Hunt For Our Victim ! Tala Waits By The Victim To Receive Her Toy !

ruth-clark 2010 ruth-clark 2010
Mike Rewards Tala With Her Toy ! K-9 Tala Returns To Mike With Her Reward

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