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Lots of new stuff going on. K9SARK is currently at Exploration Place through May of 2018 showcasing our SAR dogs and new equipment. We will be there on Saturdays. We have a bunch of new dogs to introduce in the coming months, including Don & Della's K9 Honey and Sam & Tiffany's K9 Duke. The K9SARK trailer is looking good, see new pics here. We had a great turnout for WoofStock in October 2017 as well.

During the middle of March 2017, K9SARK Members conducted several searches assisting Shawnee & Butler Co. as well as a body recovery in Independence Ks. Don & Brenda with K9 Lincoln and Derrick & Laurie and K9 Rookie traveled to Galva Ks to put on an informative program on search and rescue for the Galva Fire Dept.

Thanks to Firehouse Subs we were awarded a grant for a 4 man UTV and trailer, a 16 foot rescue boat with life vests for the dogs and handlers including trailer! We have already put the new equipment to work. Check out our FaceBook page for lots of Pics!

Please check out Brenda's great powerpoint on how our air scenting SAR dogs work. It's very informative and a well done explanation on how the dogs make a find, starring K9 Lincoln !

K9SARK's New Trailer Pics !! K9SARK at WoofStock Oct 2013
K9SARK At Moore OK !! K9SARK at K-State Vet School 2013
Wilderness Search Training Intro To Finding Articles Training

K9SARK at Exporation Place K9SARK at Exploration Place

K9SARK at Exploration Place K9SARK at Exploration Place

K9SARK at Exploration Place K9SARK at Exploration Place

K9SARK at Exploration Place K9SARK at Exploration Place

K9SARK at Exploration Place K9SARK at Exploration Place

K9SARK at Hutch Kennel Club, Mar 2012 !! K9SARK at Crisis City , Feb 2012
Our SARTECH II Team Members 2011 !! K9SARK at Colvin Elementary School
K9SARK at MuttFest 2011 !! Recon's Battle with Ehrlichia
38th Annual NASAR Conference 2010.!! Our SARTECH II Team Members 2010 !!
Ranger Goes To The SCART Dog Wash Maize Police Kids Summer Camp
37th Annual NASAR Conference 2009.!! K9SARK Carwash Haysville 2009 !!
Spring Building Search Training 2009.!! K9SARK At 7th Annual Yappy Days 2009 !!
Invisible Fence's Mask Kit for Pets. K-9 Blaze and Recon Pass Their K-9 SARTECH II
K-9 SARK At Woofstock 2008 ! ! K-9 SARK Returns To Greensburg
K9SARK At Bark In The Park 2007 ! K9SARK In Greensburg May 5th 2007
Wilderness Search Training Intro To Finding Articles Training

derrick Beth Ericson, owner of Invisible Fence of Central Kansas presents Justin Swank with a Oxygen Recovery Mask Kit for Pets. Justin is a Firefighter / Paramedic with Ford County Fire Department and our K9SARK Deputy Director. The Kits consist of three different sized oxygen masks specially designed for pets. This is one of two kits going to the Ford County Fire Department. One more will go to K9SARK. Invisible Fence of Central Kansas donated over 40 Mask Kits to the Wichita Fire Department as well. Please check out the Dodge City Globe article here !

Laurie K9SARK Team members test for their NASAR K-9 SARTECH III and II certifications during the winter of 2008. This is a national certification with only a handfull of search dogs in the state obtaining the title. The certification requires a written test of general SAR skills along with skills for the K-9 handler. A pack check follows the written test. A searcher must have and carry all the gear listed by NASAR in a 24-hour ready pack. After the pack check the K-9 handler and their dog must find a hidden victim in a timed test over a 60 Acre area for the SARTECH III and over a wider area for the SARTECH II.

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