Laurie Vickery & K-9's Recon & Sam

LaurieLaurie joined K-9 SARK in the fall of 2005 as a founding member with her German Shepherd, Recon. Laurie has been employed at Via Christi Regional Medcial Center for 22 years. Laurie is a Revenue Specialist.

Laurie attended Newman University and Friends University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. Laurie is also a certified obedience instructor. In additon she is a AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Instructor. Derrick and Laurie recently completed C.E.R.T. training. The training is sponsered by F.E.M.A. It stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The idea is to have a number of trained indivduals that can respond in their community in a emergency. Laurie got interested in search and rescue from our friend Ken. Recon and her husband's dog Ranger make a good team. It is always fun to see who gets the treats first. Laurie passed her SAR Tech II evaluations in the fall of 2004. Laurie and Recon passed their 20 acre evaluations in record time, finding the victim in under 5 minutes. Recon and Laurie have also passed their 40 acre night search also. Laurie and Recon Passed their Canine SAR Tech II and III in December 2008.

Laurie was notified by FEMA that she was activated to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Laurie helped victims of the hurricane and flooding to apply for federal aid and assistance.

Laurie's Latest FEMA activation was September 2008 to Texas for hurricane Ike, she was also deployed to Iowa in June for the flooding. She was deployed for the May 5th 2007 tornado in Greensburg and flooding in the surrounding counties. she was also activated and sent to Atlanta to help with hurricane Frances that struck Florida in 2004.

Laurie has completed F.E.M.A.DF277-Cr Field OPNS Refresher, IS-00002, IS-00007, IS-011,IS-000015, IS-00022,IS-00055, IS-00100, IS-00100. or Federal Workers,IS-00200 for Federal workers,IS-00288, IS-00292,IS-00393.A IS-00394,IS-00650, IS-00700, IS-00800 as well as the NASAR (Fundamentals of Search and Rescue) and NASAR MLPI(Managing Lost Person Incident) courses.

In January 2009 Laurie completed additional training in Community Relations in Emmitsburg Maryland at Emergency Management Institute.

arctic catarctic cat
Laurie on her Arctic cat, Ranger by her sideRanger takes a break.

K9 Recons's Bio~ (CGC) (TDI), K-9 SARTECH II

Wilderness Search Certified; Training in Disaster Search

Laurie & ReconLaurie & Recon
K9 Recon searches the scent cone with handler LaurieK9 Recon alerts Laurie to follow her to the victim

Laurie & ReconLaurie & Recon
K9 Recon prepares to search at Greensburg with handler LaurieLaurie and K-9 Ranger at Greensburg

Recon is a German Shepherd. She was rescued from a neglectful home when she was six months old. Recon has been greatful ever since. Recon is a high energy dog, eager to please. Recon took to her training very well and showed a keen interest in searching, as long as she had time to play.You can tell her wheels are always turning. Recon started her training by learning to smell human scent on articles. She then graduated to people. Recon has obtained her Therapy Dog International certification. Laurie and her dog Recon were activated and arrived two hours after the May 5th F-5 Tornado hit Greensburg. Laurie and Recon Passed their national certification through NASAR, earning their Canine SAR Tech II and III in December 2008. Recon will do anything for a treat and time to run!

K9 Sams's Bio~ (CGC) K-9 SARTECH II

Wilderness Search Certified

Laurie & K9 Sam Working the SARTECH II Area Sam On the Hunt. Note Laurie's Equipment Pack

Laurie & K9 Sam, With His Toy, After a Successful Find Laurie With K9's Sam & Jager at Crisis City

Laurie continued her SAR training with her new dog Sam. He is an all black German Sheperd dog and loves to work! Laurie and Sam passed their K-9 SARTECH II in the fall of 2011

Sam at 8 months old was rescued from the shelter. Sam was deemed to shy to put on the adoption floor and was on his last day when he was saved by Missouri German Shepherd Rescue. We got a call to foster Sam from Missouri German Shepherd Rescue for two weeks. We were not sure if we were ready for another dog, since we had just put our 15 year shepherd to sleep the month prior.

After hearing Sam's story we picked him up and brought him home to meet the rest of the pack. Sam fit in well with our other three shepherds. In September while I was in Texas working hurricane Ike, we got a call someone wanted to adopt Sam. I called my husband and he said I cannot let him go. Sam is a high energy dog and will do anything to play ball. We decided to test him for Search and Rescue. It has proved to be positive thing in helping him overcome his shyness, he is not a bit shy when finding a subject hidden in the woods. Sam knows as long as he finds the subject he gets to play ball. I am happy to say he has come a long way with the support of the team and his other canine friends. He is now on his way to be a great search dog with K9 Search and Rescue of Kansas. Sam has just recently become a Nationally Certified Area Search Dog. It just goes to prove what a lot of love and patience will do to help one overcome their fears.

Laurie & K9 Sam Start a Wilderness Search Laurie With K9 Sam at Crisis City

CERT Laurie is a CERT
Team Member
Laurie has passed American Red Cross
Pet First Aid
American Red Cross Pet First Aid

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