Baron K-9 Search & Rescue of Kansas strives to meet the national standards for search and rescue training. We are a volunteer organization and are always seeking new members. Potential members can already own a dog that they are interested in training for search and rescue. Our training officers will evaluate your dog and guide you in the training process. Potential members can also join our team without a dog and train to become support personnel. Being an involved member of K9SARK is a large commitment of time, effort, and funds.

General expectations of all members:

Canine team members - All dogs joining the team are expected to be current on all shots and have good social skills with other dogs and people of all ages. Dogs can be any breed, but some breeds are better suited for search and rescue work than others. For example, a feisty dachshund may have a great nose, but due to his short stature he would have difficulty smelling the scent that rests on top of tall grasses. A Saint Bernard may be large enough, but he may not have the stamina needed for the strenuous work of search and rescue. Our training officers can help you determine if your dog is a good candidate for search and rescue work.

Human team members - All human team members are expected to be able to work well with people and need to value being a part of a team. Human team members should be open to learning from others and must be must be willing to work alongside their dog.

Timeline for training a new canine team:

First 90 days - This is your probationary period with K9SARK. You and your dog would be expected to attend a minimum of three training sessions per month with one of our training officers. Training is generally scheduled on Thursdays and Saturdays, but our training officers are willing to arrange training sessions to fit your schedule whenever possible. Training sessions are sometimes held in other Kansas or Oklahoma towns, but they are usually held within the city of Wichita. You and your dog will be evaluated by our training officers. If you complete the required training sessions for the 90 day probationary period and meet the approval of our training officers, you and your dog will be made official members of K9SARK. If you do NOT have a dog and are training to be support personnel for our team, you will be expected to attend a minimum of three training sessions per month to learn the skills necessary for this position.

Expenses -

1) general dog expenses such as collars, leashes, etc…
2) cost of gas to drive to training sessions
3) donation of your time at training sessions and for "on your own" practice

After becoming an official member of K9SARK - Team members are expected to attend a minimum of two training sessions per month. Team members will still work with a training officer to continue to improve their skills.

Expenses -

1) As official team members, you will be asked to pay team dues of $5 per month. If more than one family member is joining the team, team dues are $10 per family per month.

2) You will need to be gradually adding supplies that would make you functional in the field. These supplies include but are not limited to: a) For the human team member - a large back pack of search and rescue supplies, cold weather clothing, water resistant clothing, heavy duty black boots, team uniforms, a hard hat, lights to search at night,... b) For the canine team member - a search and rescue vest, dog booties to protect the dog's feet, a "cool vest" to help keep the dog cool in hot weather, a dog coat to help the dog stay dry and warm during active snowfall, bells so that you can hear your dog from a distance, lights so that you can see your dog at night,…

3) You will be expected to become certified in CPR/first aid (approximately $35 for the class). You will also be expected to be working towards your SARTECH II certification (approximately $200 for the class).

Baron Interested parties are welcome to attend a training session to experience firsthand what being a part of a canine search and rescue team is all about. It is amazing to see these fabulous dogs in action. Please contact one of the team members listed below to set up a time to attend a training session. You can also check out our team website at

Our team is also always looking for human "victims" of all ages to help us in our training by hiding for the dogs. You do NOT have to be an official member of the team to volunteer in this capacity. Simply let us know which training session or sessions you are available to help! Thank you from us and the dogs!

K-9 Search & Rescue of Kansas is an all-volunteer not-for-profit corporation.
All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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