Invisible Fence of Central Kansas Presentation

Beth Ericson, owner of Invisible Fence of Central Kansas presents Justin Swank
 with a Oxygen Recovery Mask Kit for Pets. Justin is a Firefighter / Paramedic
  with Ford County Fire Department and our K9SARK Deputy Director. The Kits consist of three
   different sized oxygen masks specially designed for pets. This is one of two kits going 
 to the Ford County Fire Department. One more will go to K9SARK. Invisible Fence of 
 Central Kansas donated over 40 Mask Kits to the Wichita Fire Department as well.

Justin Examines a Pet Mask as Beth Looks On Beth Explains the Pet System to Justin

Justin is Interviewed by Dodge City Reporter Eric Swanson Close Up of Pet Mask System.

Justin Practices on Beth's Dog Beth Looks On As Justin Applys The Mask

Justin's Dog Blaze and Derrick's Dog Ranger Blaze and Ranger Look On.

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