Laurie Laurie's Latest FEMA activation was Hurricane Ike. The pictures below show some of the massive damage to the Texas coast and surrounding area

Laurie was notified by FEMA that she was activated to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Laurie helped victims of the hurricane and flooding to apply for federal aid and assistance.

Laurie was also activated for the May 5th 2007 tornado in Greensburg and flooding in the surrounding counties. she was also sent to Atlanta to help with hurricane Frances that struck Florida in 2004.

Laurie has completed F.E.M.A.DF277-Cr Field OPNS Refresher, IS-00002, IS-00007, IS-011,IS-000015, IS-00022,IS-00055, IS-00100, IS-00100. or Federal Workers,IS-00200 for Federal workers,IS-00288, IS-00292,IS-00393.A IS-00394,IS-00650, IS-00700, IS-00800 as well as the NASAR (Fundamentals of Search and Rescue) and NASAR MLPI(Managing Lost Person Incident) courses.

Laurie and her dog Recon were activated and arrived two hours after the May 5th F-5 Tornado hit Greensburg.

Laurie was also activated by FEMA and worked in Greenburg and was then deployed to Osborne and Lyons, Kansas.

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