K9 SARK Returns To Greensburg

The City of Greensburg along with the NewYorkSaysThankYou.org held a commemoration
 of 9/11 and the Greensburg May 5th Tornado on September 4th - 7th 2008 ending with a parade
  and memorial service. The members of NewYorkSaysThankYou.org include many of the 
  firefighters that were there at 9/11. Thirty of them joined with tornado survivors of Greensburg 
  to build a new 14,000 sq. ft. 4-H Pavillion.

Emergency Vehicles From Across The State Line Up Tami & K-9 Jersey with Brenda & K-9 Lincoln

Members of The Public Line Up For The Parade Tami and Laurie Line Up

Brenda, Ashley & Don With K-9 Lincoln & Laurie with K-9 Recon NYFD Firefighters Getting Ready To Lead The Parade

Ks Patriot Guard Members (in background) Along With KHP Pre-Parade Briefing BY NYFD Members

Along The Parade Route The Street Was Lined With Flags A Surviving Piece Of 9/11 Flag Repaired By Flags From Greensburg

Tami & Her Husband Marvin, Both Tornado Survivors. Jersey Too! Lincoln Gets Pets From The Children Of Greensburg

Lincoln Got Lots Of Attention From Town Members NYFD Members With Tami

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