Derrick Vickery and K-9's Ranger & Jäger

derrickDerrick joined K-9 SARK in the fall of 2005 as a founding member with his German Shepherd, Ranger. Derrick has been a full time Law Enforcement Officer for the past 27 years.

He has gone through EMT training and is a trained weather spotter. Derrick attended the Royal Robbins rock climbing school in Boulder Co. where he learned both free-style and technical rock climbing. He is also SCUBA certified. Derrick spent many summers camping throughout Colorado and New Mexico. In May of 1992 Derrick graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Administration of Justice.

Derrick and his wife, Laurie have completed C.E.R.T. training. The training is sponsered by F.E.M.A. It stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The idea is to have a number of trained indivduals that can respond in their community in a emergency. He became interested in Search and Rescue when his friend Ken Brotherton returned from Las Vegas. Ken had trained police dogs for the Las Vegas Police Department for over 15 years. After seeing Ken's dog Uno work, it was time to get Derrick's dogs off the couch and put them to work!

If there is any kind of food involved Ranger will be first in line! Derrick passed his SAR Tech II evaluations in the fall of 2004. Derrick and Ranger assisted in searching for victims from the May 5th 2007 tornado in Greensburg along with several other members of the team. Ranger passed his national certification from NASAR in the summer of 2008. Derrick also spends time trail riding on his 500cc Arctic Cat ATV.

derrick & ranger ranger & recon
Ranger & Friends! Ranger & Recon

derrick & ranger ranger & recon
Derrick and Ranger start their search Ranger on heel command

K9 Ranger's Bio~ (CGC) (TDI)

Wilderness Search Certified; Training in Disaster Search

Ranger spent his first year growing up on a farm near Hutchinson. He was rescued by the elderly farm family there. The couple were in their late 70's and Ranger was too big for them to handle.He weighs in at 105 lbs. Luckily Derrick saw their ad in the paper. Ken and Derrick drove up and evaluated him for search and rescue work. He was a good worker and had a GREAT temperment. Ranger took to obedience lessons very well, always wanting to please. His first search training he excelled at. Ranger was taught to locate human scent first on articles and then we moved on to live subjects. He has a great nose. Just don't get between Ranger and his "Scooby Snacks"! Ranger passed his 20 acre and 40 acre night evaluation and is nationally certified by NASAR with his K-9 SARTECH II.

derrick & ranger ranger
Derrick and Ranger start their search at Greensburg Ranger on Search command

derrick & ranger ranger
Derrick and Ranger at Greensburg Park Ranger Takes a Water break

K9 Jäger's Bio~ (CGC)

Wilderness Search Certified


Jäger is Derrick's newest K-9. He came from The Tuchscherer Kennels. I looked for almost a year before selecting him. I wanted a working dog with more drive than my last dog Ranger. He is a great dog but Jäger has a much higher drive.

Jäger's line is German on both his mother's and father's side, and it shows. Laurie and I visited Tuchscherer Kennels before selecting our dog. I wanted to select the dog as a puppy and view the welfare of the dogs at the kennel. I was very impressed with the operation. The kennels were clean and large, the dogs were happy and they have a very large area to run and play.

Jäger has two speeds, fast and asleep. Nothing in between! His new nickname is Jäger-Monster. He has been quick to train and he likes to please. He will work for treats or toys. He likes to chew, so far I'm on my third computer cord, out a pair of shoes, too many socks to count and a couple of blankets ! Our team has aquired several more dogs from Tuchscherer Kennels and all have great working drive.

Derrick's New Puppy, Jäger Jäger at play time !

Janice Tuchscherer with Jäger Jäger & Waya came from Tuchscherer Kennels !

Jäger at 6 month old on the rubble pile Crisis City Derrick & K-9 Jäger, Crisis City Nov 2011

CERT Derrick is a CERT
Team Member
Derrick has passed American Red Cross
Pet First Aid
American Red Cross Pet First Aid

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