Butler Co. Spring CERT Class

Keri Korthals, Assistant Director Butler Co. Emergency Management Jim Schmidt, Director Butler Co. Emergency Management

Butler County CERT members along with K9 Sark members help Butler County Emergency Management with their Spring 2015 Cert Class. We want to thank Bulter Co. CERT, Emergency Management, and Law Enforcement. We had a great working relationship with all and look forward to working with them again.

K9SARK's Micheal S. & Ashley G. With K9 Helix The Girl Scouts Were "Victims" For The Class

Jim Schmidt Acting As IC Gives New CERT Team A Briefing Cert Trailer Contains First Aid and Other Equipment For Any disaster

Medical Treatment Area Handles Victims Team Gets Pry Bars From Cert Trailer To Free Trapped Victims

K9SARK Member Liz P. in The New CERT Class Butler Co. Fire Supplied Equipment For disaster Drill

Butler Co. EMS Arrives To Work Together With CERT Team Butler Co. EMS Assists With Patient Treatment

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