Brenda Gamble & K-9 Lincoln


Brenda and her husband Don joined K-9 SARK in the fall of 2007 as probationary members with their Alaskan malamute, Lincoln. Brenda and Lincoln passed their team wilderness certification test in December of 2008. Brenda earned SARTECH II certification in April of 2010. Brenda and Lincoln earned their CANINE SARTECH II certification in September of 2010. Brenda earned her bachelor's degree in math education and her master's degree in teaching both from Friends University. She has taught for 12+ years….ten at Haysville Middle School and the rest at Haysville West Middle School, where she currently teaches.

K9 Lincoln's Bio~ (CGC) (TDI)

Wilderness Search Certified

Lincoln is an Alaskan malamute. He turns four years old in January of 2011. Don and Brenda looked long and hard for just the right puppy and ended up finding Lincoln in Pennsylvania. Lincoln earned his CANINE SARTECH II certification in September of 2010. Lincoln is also a Canine Good Citizen and is certified as a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs, International. He goes to school with Brenda three days each week. The kids and staff love having him there, and Lincoln thinks it's great being an 8th grader!

Brenda & LincolnBrenda & Lincoln
Brenda gets ready to work Lincoln !Lincoln makes a find !

Both Don and Brenda are teachers, and the kids at school can't wait to make Lincoln a part of their regular school day. Lincoln is a very smart boy, and we are excited to see what he can do in Search and Rescue!

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