Anne Muller & K-9 Hula


Anne joined K9SARK in the winter of 2011 with her K9 Ula. Anne is a RN; BSN and has been an O. R. nurse for 34 years. She is BLS & ACLS certified

She has dabbled in obedience,rally, agility, and trained her own TDI dog

Anne is on the volunteer list for KSSART in Montgomery County.

She is looking forward to this new and exciting experience in training with the KSARK team

K9 Hula's Bio~

Wilderness Search Trainee

K9 Ula, is a 9 month old GSD - she's excited about learning search and rescue with me. Ula comes from the Tuchscherer Kennels along with Derrick's K9 Jäger and Mike's K9 helix !

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